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My Ai Campus : Login to – Art Institute Online Campus Common Account

The Art Institute (Ai) is a private educational institution for career planning in fashion, design, media, and culinary programs.The Art Institute of Philadelphia is situated at downtown Philadelphia.The Art Institute of Philadelphia provides personal web site to check mid-term and final grades, register for classes online and make payments online for students and faculty member. Students are provided email access and 50 Mb of webspace on There are hundreds of animators, designers, photographers, digital media artists graduated from The Art Institute of Philadelphia. Information about how to register and how to login for My Ai Campus is mentioned below.

The Art Institute of Philadelphia offers educational programs like business practices, quality education in applied arts technology and techniques, and general education. Bachelor of Science degrees in Advertising, Audio Production, Culinary Management, Digital Filmmaking & Video Production, Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing, Graphic Design, Industrial Design Technology, Interior Design, Media Arts & Animation, Photography, Visual Effects & Motion Graphics, and Web Design & Interactive Media are courses of Art Institute of Philadelphia. Additionally Art Institute of Philadelphia has Baking & Pastry and Culinary Arts diploma courses. Faculty members are dedicated professionals who work to build up students’ talent. The Art Institute of Philadelphia provides a Skills Enhancement program like English, math courses and confidential counseling for students.

The Art Institute of Philadelphia has an online service bureau, a photography studio, a black and white lab, a post-production facility, sewing labs, teaching kitchens, computer labs, video studios and editing suites, a digital darkroom, an industrial design shop, a supply store, a chef-instructor/student run restaurant, and art galleries.

After log on, students and faculty members can design and publish their own websites without banner advertisements from any computer that is connected to the Internet. provides an email inbox. Grades and transcripts are easy to get for students who access immediately after being posted by The Art Institute of Philadelphia.

Registration at

If you are first time user and you want to get information about courses then the next quarter takes place midway during a given quarter, each student must register on Art Institute of Philadelphia. Courses are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Every student must register and finish all outstanding paperwork at the business offices by the end of registration.

For registration enter your SSN (Social Security Number) or Students ID number. Then type your first name, and last name. Select your campus location into the campus list. Lastly submit it.

Note: If your campus location is not available in the list, you can contact your Registrar’s Office for get more information about when will be available for your campus.

Login at

To view any administrative holds placed on their accounts, you need to login at You can also use directory which provides the name, study program and all current faculty members and students’ email address of The Art Institute of Philadelphia. has feature to make your payment online. For online payment you need to login at After entering their User Name and Password, students can easily follow the instructions.

Who can use accounts to access the student portal are planned for use by students pursuing their education at The Art Institute of Philadelphia. Graduate or withdraw students from the college will need to make arrangements to transfer important emails or files stored on the webspace to location where they will have continued access. Withdraw students from The Art Institute of Philadelphia are subject to deletion at any time after 90 days from the student’s Last Date of Attendance. Graduate students from The Art Institute of Philadelphia can access to their accounts for 180 days after graduation, after which the accounts and all files are subject to deletion whenever.

For getting more information about student websites and, you can contact to webmaster Stephen Shandor.:

Email ID:
Contact no.: 215.405.6370.

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